Terrarium TV Download for Android & PC : Free Movies & TV Shows 2018

Terrarium TV is slowly turning out to be the world’s first choice to watching free movies and TV shows online. The streaming app has surpassed ShowBox, Netflix and Amazon Prime, and its amazing features and quick availability of services only makes entertainment easier to come by. The app has been around for lesser time than most other competitors but it is already climbing the ladders of success, and it only has the quick updation of content and timely updates with more and more competitive features to thank.

Read on below to find how you can Download Terrarium TV to your Android smartphone and use the app to keep boredom away.

Terrarium TV App For Android: Free TV Shows and HD 1080p Movies

How To Download Terrarium TV App?

The Terrarium TV is not available on the Play Store, Apple’s App Store or any other officially affiliated application portal. The app is however designed for Androids, and can be obtained online as an apk file. All you need to do is download the apk file from the internet and install it to your Android device.

Download terrarium tv

Getting the .APK file can be difficult if you have not experimented with sideloading apps before. So here are the steps you must follow to find a good apk file as well as some handy tips to keep clear of bad files.

  • On your Android device, look up “Terrarium TV apk” file through your browser, or through the google search bar at the top of the home screen.
  • There should be a lot of results that pop up. Choose a website you find reliable and enter it.
  • Look for the download link for the apk file and tap it. Once downloaded, be sure to scan the file using an antivirus. That is all you need to do.
  • If you prefer not to have an antivirus software in your mobile phone, download the .APK file on a PC and scan it on it. Then, use a service like Airdroid or your USB to transfer the file to your Android device and use it to install the app.

How do you use this APK file to install the Terrarium TV? Let’s go through the procedure.

How to install Terrarium TV on your Android

This procedure works for all Android devices that can install apps, be it a smartphone, an Android TV Box, a Kindle or a Tablet. It is pretty simple too. Nevertheless, if you face a problem installing it solutions to some common errors are given in the FAQs. Be sure to check them out at the end of the page.

  • Once you have downloaded the Terrarium TV apk file from a reliable website, scan it using an anti-virus. We cannot stress this enough.
  • Go to settings from the home menu or through the drag-down menu.
  • In Security, toggle the “Unknown Sources” option to enable it. This should allow apk files from outside the Play Store or other official stores to be installed to your device.Look up the apk file through a file explorer app and tap it to access.
  • Go through the installer screen like with any other app. Read the permissions requested carefully.
  • Your app will be ready in no time once you press “Install”.

This movie streaming app also gets updated regularly. The updates are available on the terrarium tv’s launch page as a pop-up, and you need only follow through with the download to update your app. You will be prompted when the download is ready to install.


Why should you download Terrarium TV app to your Android phone? There are many reasons, not just one. Read on to find what they are.

Latest Movies and TV Shows

You get to watch the most recent and the most popular movies right on your Android device, without having to wait for buffering or deal with ads interrupting your entertainment. There are older movies as well, along with classics and more content, spanning all genres and multiple languages.

Notification Alert

Want to be notified about the newest episodes or the most recent additions to the app’s library? It also notifies you about movies by default, as well as TV shows you favorite. You can change these settings to suit your needs as well.

Multiple Qualities and Sources

Unlike a lot of other popular apps that stream content, Terrarium TV doesn’t box you in a single content quality that you must change for the entire app or the individual movie to change. Each movie has multiple sources you can stream or download it from, and multiple resolutions, many with the file size mentioned before them to help you manage your data consumption.

Art and Thumbnails

You decide how your app looks like, and how many titles for TV shows and movies you can see on your launch screen. By altering the art, thumbnail and title settings you get superior control over how efficiently you get to scroll through the app to arrive at your favorite content sooner.

Easy Browsing and Favorite Marking

Favoriting is easy with Terrarium TV. The format keeps changing to keep things fresh too. Browsing is pretty sorted and organised too, with separate tabs for movies and TV shows, multiple genres and tags to access in a single, convenient drop down menu and settings available in both the left and right menus so you don’t have to fumble around with your thumbs.

Convenient Interface.

Terrarium TV is convenient to explore new content on. The See more tab under each movie and TV show helps you find content that you might be interested in, based on how popular they are and what genre content you were browsing when you looked for suggestions.

With an app as convenient and useful as Terrarium TV, it is no surprise the app has overtaken most of its competition despite the short time it has been live. The app also has a pretty lively online culture with its own subreddit, where you can find quick ways to troubleshoot problems, give suggestions and look for interesting content. For an app that doesn’t host any content itself, this is surely an impressive feat.

Latest Updates

terrarium tv update

The latest version of Terrarium tv movie streaming app is 1.9.2. The newest features in this app include a new inbuilt video player called ExoPlayer, which is a much better option than the free version of MX Player that has been showing too many ads of late.

The previous version Terrarium 1.9.0 introduced greying out of links that have been watched so there is no confusion between a link you discover to be not to your liking and the other ones you haven’t explored yet. It also introduced a new “Stand-Up Comedy” genre for movies that carries shows that were earlier haphazardly placed.

Both these versions work perfectly on most Android phones and devices. But if they don’t you can look for earlier versions which have a lot to brag about themselves. The 1.7.3 version for example was the first time episodes were marked as seen using a highlight, and which is still functional in a few phones.

One thing to note here is that Terrarium TV prompts you to get the latest version if you’re using an older one. You can disable the feature in the settings but it is best to check what the latest app version brings to the table and check it out so you get the most out of your app and also avoid the possibility of support terminating for your app all of a sudden.

FAQs About Terrarium TV

FAQs about Terrarium TV

Why can’t I install the apk file?

There can be several reasons why this is happening…

  • APK files require you to enable “Unknown Sources” in the security settings. Make sure the setting is On.
  • If you get a parsing error, it can be that your download didn’t complete properly. Try downloading the apk file once again, on a more stable WiFi network (try going closer to the router), or use your mobile data. The file is only a few MBs.
  • If the file still refuses to install, it could be that your Android smartphone doesn’t have a lot of memory left to install the app on. Delete all unnecessary apps and unused data and files, clear the cache and try again.

Why does Terrarium TV show ads?

Ads are important for the developer to earn. This movie app takes a lot of work to manage and update. Bugs need to be ironed out as they surfaced, and proper links need to be added and updated so the library remains properly arranged. All of that takes time and other resources, for which the developer needs to be compensated. Ads provide a small source of revenue that can help them pay their bills.

Terrarium TV notably also has fewer ads than other big apps, and it certainly helps that they don’t pop up in between the content itself.

Can I get rid of Ads?

You can indeed remove ads. Earlier, this app offered the option to purchase a pro version of the app. But after some trouble with the payment channels, the developer returned all the money and disabled the option. So as of now, structurally, the advertisement model stays and cannot be converted into an ad-free version.

You can remove ads through other means though. The traditional way of using an Ad blocker software works wonders. Get a good ad blocker app for your Android device and turn it on (if it needs to) while browsing through Terrarium TV. Not all ads will be removed; some might turn into a dark colored display that you can tap to close, if not use the back hotkey.

The screen goes dark before/after i try to run a link. Help.

If a link you open takes you to a dark screen, it could be your video player trying to run the link but taking time to buffer it. Try using a faster internet connection.

At other times, it can be because of a broken link, most of which are alerted to the user right away. Try a different link.

If all links you try to watch are broken, it can be that the content is not out yet but is expected to arrive soon on terrarium tv movie application. You can choose to look for them later or enable CAM links from your settings to watch the content, though in poor CAM print.

If the screen goes dark after you have watched a video, it can be your ad blocker preventing the app from displaying an ad. Disable the ad blocker if the problem persists, or wait for a close button to appear on the screen (it usually takes under 10 seconds).

Why is my favorite movie/TV show’s latest episode not up?

TV Episodes and movies are updated soon after they are released. Many of them first make it to the app in CAM prints, which you can prevent from being displayed from the settings, if you’re not a fan of bad shaky quality videos. If there are no better quality content links available, CAM remains the only option which you can enable from the settings of terrarium tv. You may otherwise choose to wait for the video to be available in a good print. A good option is to keep checking the “Recently Updated” section in the top menu for the latest movies. You can mark TV series as favorite to subscribe to notifications about their most recent content.

Why can’t I play a link?

Don’t panic if a link doesn’t run. It might be broken or otherwise incapacitated, like if the server has too much traffic on it at the moment. In such a case, you can try the content later. If a link doesn’t run after repeated attempts over many days, you can alert the community on the app’s subreddit or contact the developer through the app’s social media using a message or a post or a comment. Perhaps the best thing about Terrarium TV is that the developer is pretty responsive and acknowledges and fixes bugs pretty quickly.

What to do when a link plays slow?

A link playing slow usually indicates a slow internet connection. You might be receiving a fairly good speed, but if the server is too occupied, or the file is too heavy, the best internet connections cannot mitigate the possibility of a lag. You can try switching to a lower resolution of content. You will also discover through repeated use of the Terrarium TV app that some sources run faster than others. You face virtually no lag with these sources. Figure out which ones run fast for your device and prefer to run those. It can also be wise to pause all downloads and app updates as well as any other activity that may be taking up memory space on your device. You can do so by entering airplane mode on your Android, but you won’t get to use your mobile network as long as it is on.